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    For 330 years, the Mughals reigned over the Indian Subcontinent, from Bengal in the east to Gujarat in the west. One of the most powerful and opulent empires the world has ever known, it was renowned for its patronage of art and architecture.

    Merging Islamic art and Persian influences, the Moghuls produced magnificent masterpieces and colossal monuments, which far surpassed the period’s usual limitations of scale and material. From the Taj Mahal to the Jade Terrapin from Allahabad there was extraordinary harmony within the visual and artistic world the Mughals created.

    Like re-discovered ancient treasure, the Majestic Collection celebrates this unique moment in history, taking its essence and transforming it for the contemporary audience.

    Often described as abstract naturalism, decorative art of the Mughal period was characterized by motifs of real flowers and plants, which were combined in a distinctive unnatural, stylized manner. The motifs were the subject of paintings, adorned walls, were embroidered onto textiles, carved into jade, forged from metal and embossed on jewellery and weapons alike. Salvaging these patterns from the chest of history, Silsal reinvents them for the Majestic Collection.

    Across bodies of white porcelain and black acrylic, emerge a cacophony of undulating vines, bowed buds, curled leafs and flowers in bloom, all hand-lined in 22-carat gold for an elegant finish. Reminiscent of tulips, pomegranates and irises, the patterns creep and coil – imitating the intricacies of form and texture found in nature. The vibrant motifs of fantastical flora and exotic foliage are recurring mementos throughout the collection. Elsewhere, a lone bird, perched atop a flowering branch, offers subtle delight.

    Drama unfolds from the opulent color palette – seventeen rich tones: sapphire blue, rich tangerine, emerald green and ruby red. The eclectic collection spans tableware, serveware and drinkware, in addition to decorative objects like vases, display trays and table-top boxes.

    While the Majestic Collection opens a window into the long-diminished world of Mughal elegance and expression, Silsal’s ethos for functionality injects a sense of newness through minimalist shapes and efficient materials. Rich with juxtapositions, the multifaceted collection is relevant, yet timeless; nostalgic, yet undeniably modern – it speaks of duality in all its incarnations.

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    Showing 1-28 of 46 results


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