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    With beautiful glyphs and flowing forms, the Tarateesh collection breathes new life into the ancient art of Arabic calligraphy. Complex calligraphic shapes are crafted with bold brushstrokes in confident colours, such as black, orange, turquoise and green, finished with playful splashes of paint.

    The stylish collection personifies Silsal’s desire to preserve the cultural heritage and artistic practice of calligraphy, which has been revered throughout the Middle East, and beyond. Since the sixth century, wherever the script went, a new style of calligraphy was born. It was constantly evolving; being reinvented and transformed by the people and cultures that used it – bent and shaped by varying geography, worldviews and artistic preferences. It’s an approach Silsal Design House holds dear. They, in turn, have taken on an ancient script, broken it down and reimagined it, to create something unique and contemporary.

    Silsal departed from existing calligraphic styles, to invent their own unique script – one that represents their experience, expression and artistic approach. With long exaggerated lines intersecting archetypal glyphs, Silsal’s calligraphy urges the reader to reconsider the preconceptions of language; instead, highlighting the symbolism and beauty of each word, and the myriad of meanings behind them.

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    Dubai, UAE
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